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Highly trained urologists Dr. Parker and Dr. Carrion have extensive experience diagnosing and treating Peyronie’s Disease. They have provided this list of frequently asked questions to help educate patients on Peyronie’s symptoms and treatment options. Call (813) 250-2213 to schedule an appointment at our men’s health clinic in Tampa, FL today!

How Do You Get Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s disease is likely caused by minor injury to the penis. This type of damage is most often caused by vigorous sex (such as bending the penis during penetration or pressure from a partner’s pubic bone), though it can also be caused by sports or other accidents.

What Happens if Peyronie’s Disease Is Left Untreated?

If left untreated, Peyronie’s disease may result in focal bend, pain, or structural abnormalities of the erect penis.

Does Viagra Help Peyronie’s Disease?

Yes. Medications that are prescribed for erectile dysfunction (ED) are sometimes beneficial for patients in the early stages of Peyronie’s disease. However, it’s important that you discuss all medications taken with your urologist to confirm that they are okay to use in your specific situation.

Is Peyronie’s Disease Permanent?

Yes, in most case. Peyronie’s disease is usually a permanent condition, but can be improved using a variety of recommended treatments. Contact Florida Sex Health to learn more about these specific treatments.

How Does a Urologist Check for Peyronie’s Disease?

Ultrasound is the most common type of imaging used to diagnose Peyronie’s disease, though a physical exam may be sufficient enough for your urologist to diagnose the issue.

What Vitamins Help With Peyronie’s Disease?

Vitamin E is commonly used to help treat Peyronie’s disease.

Does Peyronie’s Get Worse?

The curvature and shortening associated with Peyronie’s disease might gradually worsen, especially if left untreated.

How Do You Treat Peyronie’s?

There are a number of options available with most involving surgery. However, intralesional collagenase injections (Xiaflex) may be an option for you. Your urologist will discuss this after your initial visit.

What Does Peyronie’s Disease Feel Like?

It feels like a ridge or a row of tiny bumps under the skin of the penis. For some men, another symptom of Peyronie’s disease can be erectile dysfunction (difficulty getting or maintaining an erection). Some men may experience pain with or without an erection as well.

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